About Us
About Target

Since 2006 Dubai based, Target Brand has strived to bring the best solutions at the most affordable prices to the Technology market. Traget has been providing leading IT Accessories and Consumer Electronics to the Number of its Distributors and Resellers Worldwide. To better supply and service its vast Distributors and reseller network, Target expanded its product lines into.the Tablet PC in 2013. in addition, Target is bringing affordable products to offer in the fastest growing markets in Middle East, India and Africa.

Our continued vision for the future, and a fundamental belief in technologies for the betterment of our planet, Target has always been in leading innovative in new products lunching and the materials needed to develop these innovative approaches to product line.

With 7 years of experience, Target demonstrates the ability to be adaptive and responsive to market demands, requirements and work together with its Distributors and reseller network to ensure our mutual business success.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy has always been focused on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. Since its establishement, Traget has been a leading brand for IT Accessories and Customer Electronics in oneof the fastest growing markets in Middle East, India and Africa. Supplying products, services while providing the finest value and quality in the market.


Target Brand’s vision is to become a unique brand to provide best products in addition to premium computer products, service and solutions to both the commercial and end users markets. Target carries products and services with the finest value and quality in the market. To meet our customer’s expectations, we ensure that our sales team and representatives service our customer,s with enthusiasm and respond with extra efforts in addressing our customer’s needs.


As we anticipate changes and alternative ideas we help to benefit from the many opportunities that continue to arise.


Our diversity and unity brings creativity to our relationships within our company and to our customer’s and vendors alike.


We bring to you the highest ethical standards. Always!


We hold strong values in business and fully respect our colleagues, customers, and vendors.